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    Australasian Dance Collective

    Australasian Dance Collective is one of Australia’s leading contemporary dance companies. We worked with this highly creative and passionate team to create a digital platform that celebrated movement through fluid and rhythmic layouts.

    Australasian Dance Collective


    Collectively connected

    Celebrating movement was always to key aim in creating the new digital platform for ADC. Utilising their incredible video content we created a website that is always moving yet remains contemporary and thoughtful. The design aesthetic also drew inspiration from movement with indented typography, always moving a step ahead of the line above it. The result was a classic design remixed with contemporary design flourishes and enhanced with beautiful and cinematic movement.

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    Digital Suite

    We helped ADC achieve their ambitious vision to create an industry-first online dance platform. Housing their incredible films and creative learning program, the ADC Digital Suite gives dance studios and educators access to regularly updated instructional video content, digital film commissions, resources, and more. Our uniquely designed interface acts as part Netflix viewing experience and part resource repository to create an immersive and educational platform.