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    Besix Watpac

    Elevating local construction company Watpac to the global BESIX Watpac through a refined brand and a website that highlights the scale and complexity of their projects.



    Becoming BESIX Watpac

    When BESIX acquired Watpac in 2019 there was a feeling of excitement within the company. Watpac's local expertise and rich 100+ year history was being combined with the power and scale of one of the largest construction companies in Europe. With projects such as the world's tallest building – Burj Khalifa, the world's largest museum – The Grand Egyptian Museum, and the infinitely complex Dubai Water Canals, all coming under their portfolio, they needed a brand refinement and website to reflect this change.

    We refined their brand visual language focusing on a confident simplicity that highlighted the strength of their project imagery. This led to a website which balanced heroic scale with clean, modernist design, to communicate that this a company with a rich history and bright future.

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