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    Hyne Timber

    Established in the 1800s, Hyne Timber is one of Australia’s largest producers of sawn timber products. We worked to develop a visual language with the flexibility to cover a broad range of product categories, resulting in a modern brand that brings the beauty of timber to the fore.



    Making a Statement

    For Hyne Timber’s audiences, it’s important that their work stands out from the crowd. We positioned the company’s engineered timber as a medium by which architects and their clients could make a statement, leveraging the characteristics of the timber itself.

    This was achieved by crafting type in 3D – literally spelling out the key benefit of each product. Our approach balanced timber’s aesthetic appeal with its strength, while nodding to the medium’s ample creative possibilities.


    Bigfish challenged us to completely rethink our approach and genuinely raised the bar, with outstanding creative direction and support. They have also been an absolute pleasure to work with, retaining their personable, small-agency feel and responsive manner.

    Jeremy Mead, Marketing Manager, Hyne Timber


    Launching T3 Green Plus

    When Hyne Timber's T3 Green product was upgraded to T3 Green Plus, the team was after a simple, engaging way to announce the transition, explain the product differences and illustrate the benefits of a timber treatment that was new to the Australian market. 

    Building a narrative around the pluses of the new product, we turned T3 Green and T3 Green Plus into animated characters. While simple in its execution, the lively animation was effective in communicating all the essentials quickly – and let the product do all the talking!