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    Inland Rail

    As one of the largest infrastructure projects ever undertaken in Australia, Inland Rail was seeking to drive awareness, favourability and advocacy.



    Simplifying the complex

    In a bid to boost engagement and enhance public understanding, our mission was to refresh the design and rethink the main messages of this crucial nation-building project. Inland Rail, a complex initiative, brings various community and economic advantages. To convey this effectively, we introduced the momentum device, a simple yet versatile tool for storytelling. It communicates multiple meanings, both figurative and literal, serving as a visual montage to showcase the wide-ranging benefits of this unprecedented project. Our primary goal was to create a positive and reassuring impression.

    From a messaging standpoint, we looked to shift the tone of voice away from static, dry information towards a more personable voice – one that talks to the audience, not at them. To date, the refresh (and resulting campaign) has proved successful in improving sentiment and awareness of the project.




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