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    What's Golden

    A new live music venue by the visionary team at The Tivoli. Channeling the intimate, enigmatic nature of the space, we created an identity with curiosity at its core.

    What's GoldenWhat's Golden


    The Identity

    What's Golden answers the call for a niche venue that caters to adventurous audiences and up-and-coming talent. Our intention was to encapsulate this distinct, underground feel and create a stir while maintaining a connection to the broader Tivoli brand.

    Influenced by mysticism and the building's old-world charm, we developed a palette, blackletter logotype and series of illustrations. Contrasting black and gold is used across all applications, creating a strong sense of recognition while complementing the wider visual identity.


    The Illustrations

    We created a suite of illustrations that nod to the venue's spirit of hospitality and discovery, as well as its former life as a bakery. These illustrations will become a key part of What’s Golden’s interior design, occupying walls and signage throughout the space.